SOSO Academy


The pleasure of singing is becoming clouded by the belief that you have to be brilliant and the only ambition you should have is to become a superstar or an overnight success. There are many areas you can use your singing voice in and it is my goal to encourage as many people back to this very natural, pleasant and therapeutic activity.

I provide the following training:

Group voice workshops

Individual and group singing

Do you love singing or just want to start out and have a go? Here you will find a course to suit you.

Singing lessons and Vocal tuition

When I teach students, group classes or professionals I combine my skills from everything I have learned in the field of voice research from ENT Surgeons, speech and language therapists and acclaimed voice teachers.

One to one and group singing lessons

From beginners who may just want to see if they have a voice and sing for fun to the professional who wants to improve or enhance their repertoire and skills. If you want to enter the countries biggest and most popular singing competition we are associate Teachers and on the judging panelĀ 

Vocal bootcamps

Su runs a series of voice bootcamps throughout the year.

Team building

Team building workshops for businesses, schools, women’s groups, community groups, the workplace

Fear of public speaking courses

Fear of public speaking or Glossophobia is one of the biggest fears amongst adults


voice workshops and coaching for professionals, teachers actors, Students from schools, colleges, universities and individuals who wish to improve their voices