The pleasure of singing is becoming clouded by the belief that you have to be brilliant and the only ambition you should have is to become a superstar or an overnight success. There are many areas you can use your singing voice in and it is my goal to encourage as many people back to this very natural, pleasant and therapeutic activity.

I provide the following training: One to one. Experience a one off lesson or invest in  6 or 12 week programmes

I also run group workshops

Overcome performance nerves and anxiety

Become a more confident singer and performer

Topics covered

Understanding your nerves, how bad is it? Physically psychologically? Is it overwhelming phobia or general nervousness

Identifying the problems your nervousness causes.…Do nerves and anxiety about singing and performing stop you from achieving your what you want to do as a singer

How and why overcoming fear will help with your performance (If I could sing and perform better it would mean?…………)

Think and feel better Quick,effective exercises to instantly eliminate physical and psychological feelings of fear

Easy songs to get you started  Choose a range of songs to help with confidence and strengthen your voice

Vocal health strength and power

Topics covered

Vocal anatomy Understand your voice and how it works to enable you to sound strong  control pitch and tone and sing confidently

Breathe Support your diaphragm and increase capacity to give your voice its fuel (SPLAT)

Release tension Learn how to relax muscles around the larynx, throat, tongue and jaw that may be inhibiting the sound and clarity of your voice

Alignment and posture, learn optimal posture for a supported singing voice

Sounding Develop a free flexible tone and explore the musicality and range of your voice, Learn different voice qualities and exercises to reach every note

Power Explore resonance and projection, depth and volume without  straining your voice.

Vocal stamina learn how to sing challenging phrases and vocal runs using warm ups, tongue twisters, and sing phrases that will improve your sound,diction and develop your unique sound

You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout all the courses.

Course 3

How to perform and engage with your audience

Topics covered

Creating your sound and image Look at what styles of songs suit you and how you would like to appear as an artist

How do you sound? sound more interesting, engaging and keep your audiences attention by learning how to use tone, pitch, breath control, pace and projection.

Physically support your voice  How long do you have to sing at an event or during the week learn how to support and maintain a healthy voice from start to finish 

Breaking the 4th wall  Engaging with your audience