As a performer and vocal coach I have learnt many skills which have helped me in my work

Delivering workshops for various companies,

singing at various concerts weddings and private events

 speaking regularly on the radio and hosting business award events

leading a  large  choir in performances in front  audiences across the North West

For someone who was quiet, shy and nervous I have found ways to overcome this and have been astonished at the opportunities that have come my way since nervousness and doubt was no longer an issue

I am now passionate about helping you  discover your own unique voice and guide you  into feeling comfortable and confident in your work and personal life

Vocal Power Training Courses are aimed at anyone who presents or talks for a living

Best Mans speech



Two minute pitch

Business presentations

Team building events


Courses I run regularly

Fear of public speaking and presenting with confidence

Why are you nervous?

What happens when you’re nervous

How to manage your physical and emotional nervousness

Techniques to settle nerves

How to be more confident in personal and work related situations

Delivering a short effective pitch or speech

Breathe control pitch tone pace

How to manage awkward pauses and filler words

Voice projection

Create longer presentations and speeches

You will learn

breathe control, pitch, tone, pace

how to manage awkward pauses and filler words

voice projection

how to structure and deliver your speech

when and how to practise

Vocal health strength and well being

How your voice works

how to keep it healthy


Sound and accent

Effective exercises to strengthen and maintain a healthy strong voice

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