Vocal Health Strength and Power

Vocal health strength and power
Topics covered
Vocal anatomy Understand your voice and how it works to enable you to sound strong  control pitch and tone and communicate confidently
Breathe Support your diaphragm and increase capacity to give your voice its fuel
Release tension Learn how to relax muscles around the larynx, throat, tongue and jaw that may be inhibiting the sound and clarity of your voice

Alignment and posture, learn optimal posture for regular speaking,  presenting and communicating

Sounding Develop a free flexible tone and explore the musicality and range of your speaking voice and apply it to text

Power Explore effective ways to improve resonance and projection, develop depth, command authority without shouting and straining your voice.

Vocal stamina learn how to use challenging phrases, tongue twisters, and words to improve your diction and pronunciation and develop your unique sound.

You’ll receive friendly feedback and news throughout the course.