Fear of public speaking course

Are you ready to tackle your fear and nervousness head on and become more confident in how you talk about yourself and your business? It can be the scariest thing to put into words what you do, or pluck up the courage to go to a network meeting for the first time pick up the phone and talk to a prospective customer .

You’re not alone, A recent survey conducted by The Royal Academy of Drama Business found that 94% of business directors suffered from anxiety and nerves when communicating. The survey also found that networking with new business prospects and pitching are scenarios in which 39% of senior directors feel most unsure about their performance.

The good news is that fear is a learned behaviour and there are many things you can do to learn new behaviours which will eliminate anxiety fear and stress

Fear of public Speaking course 

Become a more confident communicator 

Topics Covered

Understanding your fear, how bad is it? Physically psychologically? Is it overwhelming phobia or general nervousness

Identifying the problems your nervousness causes.…Do nerves and anxiety about speaking and communicating stop you from achieving your goals, running your business or doing your job?

How and why overcoming fear will help with your business, (If I could communicate better it would mean?…………)

Think and feel better Quick,effective exercises to instantly eliminate physical and psychological feelings of fear

Easy presentations to get you started Discussing specific events and activities you encounter and create a plan to help you take the first steps

Review  your progress