Group voice workshops


  • Learn about how your voice works
  • Breathing, using the correct muscles and Posture exercises
  • Singing exercises
  • Day workshop from 10.30am to 4.00pm

Group voice workshop


  • You may already have experience with singing but want to work on your performance techniques or improve your range
  • You will have a selection of songs to work with and we will guide you in the best way to choose and perform your songs
  • Interpreting a song using, timing, tone, inflection, projection and emotion and different voice qualities

Advanced Group voice workshop

  • This workshop is for those who may have been singing for some time
  • We will assess your voice, and vocal habits and teach you the latest techniques which will keep your voice healthy, powerful and expressive
  • Also teach you how to belt out those songs regularly and safely without causing long term damage

Group Singing workshops

Singing with others is a very uplifting and inspiring activity to be part of, as well as running weekly workshops where you can be part of a large choir, we run weekend workshops and one off themed workshops, everything from world music days to disco diva days

Contact us for the next workshop. These can also be taught to individuals if required



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