Individual and group singing

Do you love singing or just want to start out and have a go? Here you will find a course to suit you.

Whatever level you feel you are, from beginners to professionals who have been singing for a long time or small groups singing together.

You do not have to attend costly singing lessons week after week, at The SOSO Academy we teach the latest vocal techniques which, once learned, will allow you to be in control of your voice, your singing and your performance

2 hour Introduction lesson

If you haven’t had lessons with us before we feel it’s useful to have an initial 2 hour session so we can discuss and discover what you want to do with your voice, what you have already learned and what areas we can focus on to make the lessons suit your requirements

We will assess your voice and give you exercises and techniques to start using and together we can find songs you can begin to work on and practise

We record the session so you can go home with a cd of the lesson

1 hour sessions

Once we know what you want to achieve you can attend individual one hour sessions to learn all the techniques and exercises required.

The methods we teach will mean you will quickly be in control of your own voice and have the knowledge to work in your own time, also all classes are recorded. This means depending on your level of experience and ability you will normally only require between 6 and 12 lessons with a top up session once in a while.

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