voice workshops and coaching for professionals, teachers actors, Students from schools, colleges, universities and individuals who wish to improve their voices

  • Business presentations
  • Network meetings
  • Speaking on the phone
  • One to one meetings
  • Voice recording
  • Sales pitches
  • Boardroom discussions
  • Best man speech
  • Interview techniques
  • Theatrical performances

Improve your voice

Having confidence in your voice will help you express yourself effectively

Your voice is a dynamic instrument that can be improved, altered and enhanced.

With vocal techniques taught in world renowned voice training systems, speech and language therapist methods, advice and guidance from the British Voice Association and from our own experiences we can help you maximise your confidence and performance.

What we teach

Basics of how your voice works:

  • Exercises to help eliminate bad vocal habits and speech patterns
  • Use your voice more effectively to help maintain health and well being.
  • Explore the ranges in your voice to improve general speech, diction pronunciation and projection
  • How the voice is interpreted, how important it is when trying to make a good first impression.
  • How your moods and attitudes and health will be noticeable in your voice
  • How to deliver that important presentation, using colour, tone inflection. Learn to tell the “story” engage the audience and enjoy your experience

“From the boardroom to the best mans speech”



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