Fear of public speaking courses

Fear of public speaking or Glossophobia is one of the biggest fears amongst adults

We have learned through our own experiences and through delivering these courses that before we attempt to deliver a presentation course, for some, issues of fear, nervousness and stress need to be addressed first. We have designed a specific course to take participants through the process of understanding their fear, where it originated from and how to overcome these fears and begin to learn how to express themselves in a confident manner. For some it may be a small amount of anxiety when presenting to a group or in a formal setting, for others even talking to their boss can feel intimidating.

We know that productivity and company growth can be affected when members of the team hesitate to express themselves or volunteer to take a leading role

The course covers

  • Understanding the fear
  • We are all in this together
  • Physical and psychological exercises for overcoming fear
  • Knowing your audience
  • Knowing your subject
  • Interpreting and delivering a presentation
  • Course can also be delivered one to one or to a small group


  • Create ‘Harmony’ within a group
  • Fun bonding exercises
  • Team building
  • Shared experience
  • Builds confidence in presentation skills and public speaking
  • Produce a Cd
  • From 2 hour session to full day sessions



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