Team building

Team building workshops for businesses, schools, women’s groups, community groups, the workplace

SOSO Runs fun group singing sessions for community groups , NHS groups, businesses, schools nurseries women’s groups choirs and singing groups

Our workshops are full of fun, laughter and stress reducing activities. All taught in a light hearted fun environment .

The workshops consist of vocal techniques, fun warm up exercises, singing well known songs and songs from around the world. We can even encourage participants to write and perform their own song.

Most people believe they can’t sing but anyone can make a sound with their voice, and with our tuition and guidance everyone can play a part in the whole performance. With relatively little effort and time a group of completely inexperienced singers can sound like a powerful well put together team. everyone can play a part.

Benefits of singing in the workplace or in an established group

Singing builds bond within a group that can normally take a long time to develop.
With everyone singing in harmony barriers are quickly broken down. The fun shared experience helps to develop a cohesive group.

Rhythm – singing empowers a team to do things they never would have thought possible. Rhythm is inherent in everyone, yet people rarely have the chance to express it. Our sessions gives individuals a powerful and highly energising opportunity to do just that.

Concentration – Music helps tune in the mind, enabling full concentration and attention.
Above all singing in a group is highly enjoyable, entertaining, and perfect for generating a positive team spirit.

The sessions can be a short pick me up hour long session or half and full day courses are available. We can cater for any number of participants in one session.

please contact us for a consultation so we can tailor the workshop to suit your needs



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